About us

Aitister is a system which creates unlimited exclusive images in an automatic way, that means, images that will be created only once by the user and will never be repeated, it can generate as many designs as the user wants, but in addition, it can generate them in different sizes and colors, which amplifies the advantages for the user. It is mainly intended for users who need a large volume of different designs to create their products.

There are 2 versions of the software:

— The first one creates images randomly, providing to the designer ideas on a continuous way, allowing him to download most liked design and modify it later if he wants.

— The second option creates new images from a reference provided by the user, increasing the designer’s options.

In both cases, the system will allow to generate as many new images as the user wants, granting exclusivity, and therefore the copyright, of each one of them to the designer.

Initially, the Artificial Intelligence algorithms used by the system are being trained to create images for the ceramics industry, although there is planned to expand the neural networks training to other industrial sectors.

In addition to the founding partners, who have long experience in the industrial printing industry, Aitister is supported by a multidisciplinary team of both computer engineers in charge of developing and training the neural networks that are at the core of the system and product designers focused on creating a product that is simple to use but provides the best possible results, so that the user does not have to spend time searching for the perfect design for its projects

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